The Process for Success 🚀


Create and submit your requirements brief through our dashboard and let go of that clumsy email to and fros.

Our engines will start running and book a meeting with your project manager to understand your above drafted requirements.


Our dedicated project manager will understand your needs andgoals, business model and pain points that you are trying to solve.

We will also give you suggestions based upon our relevant experience in the past and we will finalize the features and scope. Our AI matching process then kicks in to match you to the best dev agency who will make your project a success.


Project is divided into milestones and the building process starts. This is where the magic happens and your objectives and goals are aligned and start to take shape.

Your project manager will have a call with you every two weeks to keep you updated and take your feedback.

Meanwhile you will be in constant communication with the team within our dashboard and can get your queries answered or answer the dev team's queries if they have any.


You get your project delivered right in to your dashboard. No need of seeing revisions and multiple downloads via email, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

All source code files, relevant documentation and instructions can be accessed any time from the project in the dashboard.

You can review the delivery of the project and rate it. This helps system to better analyze and improve its matching algorithm.


You have launched the product and the customers are loving it and giving feedback. New features have to be developed and the project has to be maintained.

Don't worry, We have got you covered with our fixed cost monthly packages after project completion too.

You can choose if you want to go with the dev agency that developed your project or a new team altogether.

Be a success story